Is Hoodia Really An Effective Appetite Suppressant?

apple core with tape measureThe food we eat is converted into glucose by our bodies. It is then sent through our bloodstream to all our organs, tissues, and cells. The glucose in our bloodstream signals our brain that we are full and no more food is needed. Once the glucose levels in our blood diminish, our brain signals that its time to replenish the supply and once again we feel hungry. These cravings are what usually causes our diets to fail. The small portions allowed by most diets leave us feeling hungry even more quickly than a normal meal would.

Many diet pills have been sold with the promise of suppressing the appetite. Some of these pills work great while others have little effect. Many pills rely on stimulates to speed up our metabolisms in order to burn more calories. These stimulates can have adverse effects on our bodies, such as making us feel jittery and nervous, or affecting our sleep patterns. Some diet pills have had such adverse effects on our health that they were withdrawn from the market.

While on an anthropological expedition to the Kalahari Desert in 1937, A European researcher discovered that the Bushmen used Hoodia to suppress their hunger and thirst while on a hunt. Further investigation led to the discovery that the ingredient P57 actually tricks the brain into thinking that our blood is saturated with glucose. This effectively makes us feel full and curbs the desire to eat, even if it has been hours since our last meal.

lady with browniesMost of us have been struggling with weight issues for a big part of our lives, trying diet after diet with little success. We may have lost many pounds only to find that a few months later we have gained it all back, and probably added a few extra pounds. While results vary from person to person, many have found that taking Hoodia Gordonii before meals not only makes them feel satisfied with less food but also help curb the cravings between meals. When purchasing a Hoodia supplement, it is best to make sure you are buying from a reputable source. Always choose a Hoodia supplement that is pure Hoodia Gordonii, and not loaded with fillers and stimulants. Hoodia Gordonii is the only member of the Hoodia family that has been show to be effective as an appetite suppressant.